Location; Situated on the Lower Wye


Owner Permit; Monmouth & district A/A

Availability; Day tickets 8 miles of fishing from River Monnow to Hadnock Court

Fish Species; Brown Trout, Salmon, Roach, Dace, Chub, Bleak, Barbel, Pike

Additional information; 

One km of coarse fishing from both banks downstream of the Monmouth road bridge, to the point of confluence with the river Trothy. This stretch known locally as “The Dukes Water” is a premier salmon fishery and coarse fishing is not permitted during the salmon season. Coarse fishing is primarily for Barbel, Chub and Grayling. Barbel are to be caught along almost all the stretches, but thick summer weed growth restricts the flow and makes legering impossible in some places. So look for the clearer swims with a greatest flow specially when the water is low, when in some places you can use your waders to float fish the runs between the weed.

September onwards are the best months when the canoe traffic is less. Warmer spells even in November / December can still be very productive when most weed has died off. Chub are to be caught in most places where the barbel reside but are better caught on bread, corn, maggot and meat baits although the occasional one comes to a pellet or boilly meant for barbel. Early in the season eels can be a problem on meaty baits.

Pike are found in all reaches but look for the slacks and eddies close to the banks and under cover from bank side trees and vegetation overhang. The banks are mostly steep high and overgrown in many places so the water is not accessible everywhere.

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